Who does not want a wrinkle free and smooth skin. At some point in our busy lives we have to deal with wrinkles which makes us look dull and takes away from the joy of growing old. You do not have to grow old without being graceful. Some wrinkles can be easily removed and augmentation can be done on upper lip or lower lip. You may ask what is the use of Botox and Fillers in such procedures ?? The botox and facial fillers help in smoothing of skin.
Why worry about not looking the same when you can have botox and fillers in dentistry assistance. All you need is a good environment and Botox treatment. There are various areas of your face that you can work on for example forehead, frown lines, under the eye, around the eye and even for jaws.

Horizontal Lines On Forehead
Thin Lines Around Lips
Wrinkles Around Eyes
Loose On Your Face
At Pooran Dental you need not worry about getting the right dermal procedures for your skin. Why worry when you can have the best professionals working to get back the glow on your face and make you look years younger. Age is just a number and with new proven Botox techniques you can claim you share to youth you desire.
How Pooran Dental Can Help You Out :
  • At Pooran Dental we give proper time and attention to your concerns and worries. You can sit with experts so you can choose a suitable botox and fillers option
  • We also take care as to which areas of your face need the facelift and glow. We offer special techniques and procedures to help you get rid of wrinkles and loose skin so you can have natural effect
  • We offer Botox injection which is a dermal procedure that works on your skin as dermal filler which is best alternative to a face surgery. You will see the results in the smooth skin with right procedure
  • Botox helps in relaxation of a muscle by blocking the nerve impulses and thus giving your skin a whole new fresh look. The fillers on other hand are injected in your skin tissues so as to remove the thin lines and give you desired skin that looks fresh.
At Pooran Dental we have the right dermal experts and dentist assitance who make sure you get the results that you want.

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