At the end of the day everyone wants to look and feel confident. The look on our face often determines how we are also perceived by others at the end of the day. Pooran Dental has a very experienced team which achieves orthodontic treatment for the straightening of the teeth.
A bad appearance of your teeth where your jaw is not aligned can affect your confidence and overall look. Also for the long term help of one’s teeth, jaw joints and gums orthodontic treatment is necessary. A dentist’s can help you spread the pressure over.

Difficulty In
Out Of Position Teeth
Front Teeth Sticking Out
Crooked Teeth
Jaw Problems
At Pooran Dental cosmetic clinic we take all your problems seriously. We provide proper professional care with best orthodontists in chandigarh. An orthodontic treatment helps in the straightening and the moving of the teeth to improve the appearance.
What Pooran Dental Can Do For You
  • At Pooran dental we use a number of dental procedures for treatment. We have the best orthodontists care in Chandigarh for the alignment of the teeth.
  • The procedures include both the removable appliances and fixed appliances in order to bring your teeth in place which also includes braces. You are in regulation of our special Orthodontists in Chandigarh.
  • Special Fix Appliances are also used by our tricity Orthodontics team. It includes bands which holds the teeth together in desirable position.
  • Aligners are the alternatives to the traditional braces which is one of the demanded procedures of Orthodontics in Chandigarh .
  • We have variety of braces to suit your needs and for all fits and teeth types in Chandigarh.
At Pooran Dental we help you get the desired results with the right care and right expertise from our experienced dentists and Orthodontist in Chandigarh. Assure yourself healthy teeth and best treatment. Just book an appointment with Pooran today !

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