A smile is what makes a person most attractive. A beautiful smile brings a distinct charm on our face. Such a person is welcomed by everyone. Teeth discolouration and yellow teeth is a common problem noticed among people that pulls us back and lowers our self esteem.
At Pooran Dental, we have a team of professionals that provide service of teeth cleaning in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula). Teeth cleaning is a common problem and we help you boost your confidence with shining teeth and beautiful smiles.

Yellow teeth
Darken Inner Structure
Bad Breath
Stains on outer layer of the tooth
Yellow tints/brown spots and pits on teeth
Our dentists will take care of all of the above problems. We take due measures towards precision and safety in providing our professional services from dentist recommendation.
How Pooran Dental Helps You Brighten Your Teeth.
  • At Pooran Dental, we use latest technology and methodologies in dealing with yellow teeth or teeth discolouration problems to ensure quality of service.
  • Entire process of getting brighter teeth is quick and hardly takes a couple of hours. The procedures are offered at genuine price. We also use plaque removal procedure.
  • Our professionals can whiten your teeth in a single visit owing to use of latest technology and experience in handling clients of same problem. We also give it a wash once for deep cleaning treatment.
  • Our teeth clean up process involves removal of tartar and stains or brown spots from whole of the tooth surface. We make sure to use only recognised and quality products in the process.
Pooran Dental has team of professionals holding expertise in every type of oral care including dealing with teeth cleaning problems. We help you get back your confidence and ensure you miss not a single opportunity.

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